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Provider of cutting-edge technology products & solutions that safely mitigate & continually control plant diseases while enhancing plant growth.

We offer a variety of products that safely & naturally destroy Pathogens throughout each grow cycle stage of cannabis, hemp and traditional agriculture produce grown in doors.  For commercial growers, the worst fear is loosing a crop due to pathogens or other devastating plant diseases, or to traces of chemicals or fungicide residues left behind after treatment of air born pathogens like powdery mildew & botrytis.   Because these are air born pathogens,  they cannot be detected until the infestation has already occurred which means a total loss to a grower.  However, a new LED Light technology has recently been introduced to the cannabis grower market, that destroys and combats the spread of pathogens, bacteria, mold, mildew and other diseases with custom proprietary wavelengths developed by a Ph.D Plant Pathologist.  The high quality diodes emit non-visible wavelengths, that are not part of the UV spectrum,  but are required to provide energy to plants to create photosynthesis.   These wavelengths have been scientifically proven to negatively effect microbes and positively effect growth.  After several control test environments completed with the LED across the US, Canada and the UK, the LED Light not only destroyed and continually protected plants from pathogens, it provided impressive increases in yield and grams per watt.    Covering a  4 -6" x 4' area, the light uses 22 WATTS of power and has a 5 year warranty.  With an operational cost of less than .25 cents per day, you can be assured you will mitigate crop losses due to pathogens & bacteria reduce or discontinue the use of fungicides and grow chemicals.    

Additional products coming soon.    


LED Light Bar for Pathogen Elimination & Grow Acceleration

Benefits & Features

  • Non-UV/ LED 22 WATT Technology
  • Destroys and prevents pathogens  
  • Replaces fungicides/chemicals
  • Supplements & works with any grow light
  • Use in greenhouses, grow tents or large commercial facilities
  • Accelerates Photosynthesis  
  • Increases Yield
  • Good for all grow applications (seed to sell)
  • Pass Compliance Testing (no trace residues) 
  • Lab Control Tested by Growers 
  • Good for all Stains of Cannabis, Hemp & Vegetables
  • Covers up to 6' x 4' area
  • Less than .25 cents per day to treat and prevent
  • 5 Year Mfg. Warranty

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