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Protecting Crops | Protecting Lives

Protecting Crops | Protecting Lives

Protecting Crops | Protecting LivesProtecting Crops | Protecting Lives

natural Pathogen Elimination products

Radiant Energy LED Lighting for Pathogen Elimination + Grow Acceleration

For In Door Commercial Cannabis & Hemp Operations - A patented proprietary LED Light fixture to protect indoor crops from Pathogens and Bacteria.   The first and only LED Light Science Technology that offers a clean, safe and low cost way to eliminate and control pathogens that plague cannabis and hemp grown indoors.  A patented combination of wavelengths delivered in a 46" L x 1.7" x 1.7" LED Light Bar, covering up to a 6 ' x 4' area, uses 22 Watts of power.  The supplemental fixture  works in conjunction with any grow light on the same grow light schedule.  A combination of wavelengths safely destroy and continually control devastating pathogens like powdery mildew, bud rot, botrytis, mold, mildew & bacteria.  Due to the penetrating affect of the non-visible (not-UV)  infrared wavelengths,  its radiant power excites electrons and causes lethal damage to the microbes until the cell wall or the mitochondria raptures, causing imminent death.   These wavelengths are also beneficial & required for plants natural growing cycles, and compliments and adds wavelengths that are not provided in standard grow light technology.  Thus, producing stronger, healthier crops from seed to sale, while reducing IPM costs, reducing crop mortality rates, speeds up seedling and cloning times, increase grams per weight for improved yields and profits.  A win -win for indoor growers that does not affect cannabinoid or terpene levels, and, is safe for all plants,  humans and animals.   Designed for Commercial & horticulture growers of medical and recreational cannabis and hemp, it can be installed in any size grow room, tent, greenhouse, container, in hydroponics systems or for the vertical grower.   The LED emits little to no heat and can be used from seed to sale, on all strains for healthy, pathogen free crops.

Go to our Testimonials and Documents Section,  to see how commercial growers throughout the US , Canada & the UK have implemented the technology across all applications with proven results.  Or, for more information or a facility quote, email us @ 

Greenhouse and Outdoor Cannabis & Hemp Growers -  Fungi Pro/Bio-Fungicide from  "ProMazing" - A Concentrate Solution For Greenhouse and Outdoor Growers to remove fungus spores, scala, larva, eggs, mold and mildew &  eliminates pathogens.  EPA exempt, leaves zero trace chemicals, OMRI registered, Certified for Organic growing.     

For More Information or Pricing on either of our products for Pathogen Elimination & Control, please email us directly or call 323-580-6901.  


Light Bar installed  9" from plant canopy to safely eliminate pathogens & promote growth

Light Bar installed  9" from plant canopy to safely eliminate pathogens & promote growth 


LED Radiant Light Fixture to eliminate Pathogens like Powdery Mildew + Grow Acceleration

Benefits & Features

  • Non-UV/ LED 22 WATT Technology
  • Destroys and prevents pathogens, mold, mildew & bacteria 
  • Supplemental Lighting for optimal plant growth
  • Accelerates Photosynthesis
  • Good for all growing applications (seed to sell)
  • Good for all Stains of Cannabis & Hemp
  • Does not affect Terpenes or Cannabinoid (THC/CBD) Levels
  • Covers up to 6' x 4' area
  • Less than .25 cents per day to treat and prevent Pathogens
  • 5 Year Mfg. Warranty