Patented LED Light Technology For Indoor Growers

Patented Wavelength Radiant Energy, BRe3™

  • Safe & Natural for all Plants, Animals and Humans
  • Prevents Pathogen Infection and Cures Infected Plants Naturally
  • Destroys Fungi, Mildew and Bacteria
  • Grow Healthier Plants
  • Maximize Crop Potential
  • Accelerates plant growth & shortens crop cycle
  • Accelerates photosynthesis/ATP production 
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Read the Full Greenhouse Grow to Harvest Report from Sterling Pacific
  • Read the Rhode Island Grow Standard Operating Procedure

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LED Patented Light Technology Supplement to Grow Lighting

A proven Lab Tested LED Light Bar that  delivers a customized Patented Spectrum of Wavelengths only available in our LED Lighting Technology.    Customized for for your Growing Growing needs, it can be installed along side current Grow LED Lighting, to increase plant health, stimulates growth, accelerates  Cellular Respiration.  Increase Yield and Profits with our LED Lighting for Indoor Growers.  


Indoor Growers & Cultivators

Cannabis Operations

Horticulture Operations

Vertical Farming Operations


Mother Room

Cure Room

Extraction Rooms



Cost Effective

Vertical or Horizontal Installation

Compatabile w/all Grow Lighting

Supplemental Product

Seed to Sale

Safe for Humans, Animals and Plants

Delivers Patented Wavelengths

Optimize Growth 

Eliminate Pesticides

Eliminate Chemicals

Increase Yield

Reduce Labor Costs

Pass State Regulated Testing

For Medical & Recreational Cannabis

Increases Photosynthesis & ATP Levels 

Grow Stronger/Healthier Plants

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