Powdery Mildew Infected Plant before and After Treated with LED

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We are the distributor for the worlds first and only LED Light Science Technology for that destroys and continually combats pathogens, including fungi, mold, bacteria  including, PM, Botrytis, E coli, and other destructive plant diseases for in door growers of cannabis & hemp.   Because it is a clean, safe &  healthy way to eliminate and control pathogens, it allows you to discontinue the use of fungicide treatments and chemicals for growth related needs.   This equates to the reduction costs in IPM &  labor, while eliminating the risk of crop waste to to high yield and mold counts, or residues left behind from fungicides/chemicals.  Crops can pass compliance testing ; ensuring higher yields and profits.      


The scientifically proven pathogen elimination and grow accelerator technology has been implemented within many professional growers/cultivators across the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the UK with successful documented results.  Good for use in any stage and application, it is safe for all strains, plants, humans and animals.  It does not effect Terpene's  or Cannabanoid levels and can be installed along side any  grow light or hydroponics system to synergistically enhance growth, promote cellular repair, increase respiration & photosynthesis while simultaneously controlling pathogens.   Because it treats & repairs at the cellular level, it can also be used to treat seeds and clones to ensure against future pathogen infestation,  while speeding up seedling & cloning time for quicker harvesting. 

 Developed by a World Renowned Plant Physiologist from the UK, it was originally developed and put to use for the floral industry, and then expanded to the commercial use in the vegetable section of grocery stores , medical and health facilities, schools and other environmentally sensitive purposes.  We are the first Distributor in the US for the Cannabis and Hemp market and ship internationally.    We offer leasing options, customization for new builds or retrofitting, and assist int he specification of other LED Grow Light Manufacturers for optimal growing conditions for safe, compliant and secure crops.    

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