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Pathogen Elimination Solutions Provider for indoor growers of cannabis & hemp

Located in Southern CA, NoPowderyMildewPro,  markets and sells a cutting-edge LED supplemental light technology for eliminating and controlling plant pathogens for indoor growers & cultivators of  Cannabis & Hemp.  The LED light bar safely & naturally eliminates and continually controls plant pathogens like, molds, mildew, 

bud rot, powdery mildew, botrytis, & bacteria throughout every cycle, including seedling germination through cure.  Patented customized wavelengths (non-uv), allows the discontinued use of fungicides and chemicals, reduces IPM costs, improves plant health and allows you to pass compliance testing.  Improve plant health, increase yield and profits by mitigating crop loss due to pathogens, or fungicide & chemical residues.       

Proven and tested by Certified Labs in control grow environments throughout  the US, Canada, and the UK , this cutting-edge supplemental LED has impressive results, including a 92% reduction in mortality rate from molds & mildews, destruction of powdery mildew in 120 minutes, a 50% IPM savings, an increase from .89 to 1.23 grams per watt, and a one year ROI when used in a 200 plant veg and flower grow room.  With real & proven measurable results, you can trust that implementing our supplemental LED treatment and preventative light science will increase yield & profits while growing crops free of pathogens, free of chemicals & fungicides.   

 NoPowderyMildewPro's LED Supplemental Light for Pathogen Elimination & Control + Grow Acceleration™, is your source & partner for safe,  natural pathogen elimination and grow acceleration for safe, clean & healthy crops grown in doors. 



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