The first and only LED Light Science Technology for In Door Growers that emits Patented Wavelengths, BRe3™,  developed by BioRadiance3,  that destroy and continually control Pathogens, Powdery Mildew, Mold, Bacteria, Fungi, Botrytis and other harmful - deadly diseases that plaque Cannabis and other In door grown agriculture.  Whether you have a commercial operation,  are a home grower, a hydroponics wholesaler or retailer, this LED Light Science Technology not only destroys and prevents pathogens naturally, it delivers missing wavelengths not available from traditional grow lights.  These wavelengths have been tested and proven to be effective and provide many plant health benefits.  Increase ATP levels,  quicker flowering times, stronger healthier plants are just a few of the benefits.  Eliminate pesticides and chemical use, grow and produce pathogen free plants, increase yield and profits.        

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