Powdery Mildew Infected Plant before and After Treated with LED

The worlds first and only LED Light Science Technology for the elimination and prevention of pathogens & microorganisms that cause plant diseases like,  but not limited to, Powdery Mildew, Bud Rot, Mold, E Coli,  Botrytis or gray mold for In door growers of Traditional Agriculture, Cannabis and Hemp.  The Patented Science behind the Technology was discovered by a world renowned Ph. D. Plant Psychologist and his colleagues over several decades of plant research, testing and development of light wavelengths and their affect on plant growth and development.  The team discovered that certain wavelengths of light energy not only provided essential plant processes , but that these wavelengths in a specific combination,  had a direct & negative affect on microbes, and at the same time,  a positive affect on the overall health and performance of plants.  Since that time, LED's became a medium to provide these wavelengths via diodes and the first LED Light w/the combination wavelength science was developed and put in the field for testing.  Further testing was performed and documented that in real grow environments, the results were conclusive that the LED was effective at destroying and eliminating powdery mildew, mold, bacteria, e coli, fungi and other deadly and costly plant diseases.   This technology was also developed and is used for other industries for greater safety and security,  including but not limited to the use in medical facilities, health care & wellness facilities, restaurants, grocery stores, the floral industry and schools.       

  LumAGRA, formerly NoPowderyMildewPro, offers the LED Light Bar to Licensed Growers of Medical and Recreational Cannabis, Hemp and Traditional Agriculture growers for controlled environments.  The LED Light bar is a supplemental fixture that is easy to install that works synergistically with any  grow light, hydroponics table/system and is versatile enough to be effective during all stages, including seedling, cloning, veg, flower and cure room.  The "non-visible" light is NOT "UV" and is safe for humans, animals, and all plants.   We have many Lab test results that illustrate a visible increase in plant growth, density, stock size, and more, all results show increases in yield and plant quality.  For LAB test results, please email us @info@nopowderymildewpro.   We also offer our LED product in a NFT Hydroponic system, Designed and Manufactured by Trust-Hydroponics.

NFT45w/Pathogen Control

Eliminate Pesticides & Chemicals for in door growers