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The LED Light Bar is designed to complement your grow lights and work synergistically within your existing grow operation.  We work with your team to design the best combination of the number of light bars and the installation configuration for optimal performance.  Starting with the vegetation and flowering stages for optimal performance,  the Light Bar is most effective when used in every stage from cone to cure.  The Non-visible Spectrum light ommitted from the Light Bar, will destroy Pathogens.  Each Light Bar is designed to cover approximately 8 sf and ill protect four to six plants.  The Light Bar comes with a hanging mechanism, enabling you to easily tailor the recommended hanging height to specific coverage needs.  


Dimensions:  1.3" H x 1.2" W x 46" L


Each Light Bar is equipped with a plug in power source, Powder Coasted Aluminum, Glass Lens, 162 LED Diodes.  Power Useage:  LED w/a 60 HZ Frequency range, 120 VAC, 21 WATT Energy Usage with an Average Total Energy cost of $22.00 per year.