Pathogen Control, Grow Lighting, Hydroponic Grow Systems

LED Lighting w/Patented Wavelengths that Increases Yield and destroy's pathogens .

The "WAND" w/BRe3™, By BioRadiance3

A Patented WAVELENGTH Science in an LED Light Bar Application .  A  Supplemental Light for Indoor Growers & Cultivators of Cannabis, Horticulture commercial operations, home growers, vertical farming/growers, and hydroponic systems.   Safe for humans and animals.  Guaranteed to Eliminate and Control all forms of Pathogens, including Powdery Mildew, Mold, Botrytis and E Coli; while promoting plant growth for healthy plants. free of Pesticides and chemicals. 

 The International Patented Wavelength Science, developed by Ph.D. Plant Physiologist,  delivers "missing wavelengths," in the LED Light that is not available from LED Grow Lights.  The LED Light Bar is easy to install, and works along side current grow lights.  We also offer World Class Grow Lighting Solutions with BRe3, email for more information on our Grow Lighting offering .  

Bre3™ is a  proven technology that  increases Plant Yield by aiding  cellular respiration, cellular repair and by producing more CO2 for photosynthesis promoting extra growth.  Destroys and continually controls Pathogens.  Grow Clean, pesticide & chemical free, increase ATP and Photosynthesis with our Missing Wavelength Technology.  A safe & clean solution for Large or Small In Door Growers, Cultivators and Commercial Horticulture Operators. 

World Class Grow Lighting  

We partner with the North American Distributor for DimLux, Global Garden  Company, to provide Efficient Cultivation Solutions for the in door growing community.   

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Hydroponics Platform Grow System, NFT45, developed by Trust Hydroponics.  The NFT45 is a customized Hydroponics system using NFT "nutrient film Technique" developed in the 1920's.  The NFT45 addresses the failing of NFT, overcoming interruptions in the flow & power outages.  It's 100% proven Grow Platform design, uses the finest components available, including Grow Lighting and BRe3™ for Higher Quality plants and Increased Yields.  Reduces operational costs, shortens grow cycles by eliminating the Vegetative Stage, lowers labor costs by up to 80%, lwoers utility costs and saves 90% on Water requirements.  

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